Parents and Guardians,

Below please find basic information about  A. Einstein Primary School in Wilanow.

Our mission is to educate leaders.

We believe that everyone has a talent still to be discovered. We strive to find it in each child and then pursue it further. To this end, we follow the child rather than a textbook. We guide children through creative thinking by giving them experience, not mere facts to learn by heart. We do not use Polish to teach other languages. Many of our diversified clubs are in English. We involve children in research projects. Zeal, courage, perseverance are just some of the leadership competences that we strengthen in our children.

We feel fully accountable for educating your child. Homework is school-based only. The range of extracurricular clubs is comprehensive and always on site. We do not move children between several places of activity over the course of day. We expect you to cooperate with us, so we both act as partners.

Our educational methods are different from those used in other schools. We exceed the requirements of the Polish Ministry of Education. For the best interest of your child, it is crucial that you understand our approach carefully before enrolling.

The educational goals we have set can only be achieved through long-term and persistent implementation of our own curriculum. Therefore, incoming students we enroll only in the early years from 0 to 6.

Our mission is to educate leaders.

The theory of multiple types of intelligence assumes all types of intelligence can be found in each and every one of us. However, the spectrum of intelligence is not developed evenly in us. It is crucial to know one’s strengths and weaknesses, and to persistently work on development of the strongest types of intelligence. The same principle applies to adults and children alike. By discovering their strengths children gain self-esteem and acceptance for themselves. They become able to discover their own ways of acquiring knowledge and skills. It is equally important to know the weaker sides, as well, because it gives more perspective on how to strengthen and develop oneself. According to Gardner, the eight types of intelligence are:

Intensive English learning experience using CLIL methodology: English is taught in English, 5 – 15 hours a week, including engagement of native speakers, selected clubs and research projects all carried out in English. From the second year onward, English clubs prepare children for Cambridge exams. MORE
Multiple Intelligence - Everyone has talent to be discovered and developed. After opening report, which contains a diagnosis of the types of intelligence and preferred learning styles of a given child, we follow up with a custom child development plan that uses Become-Nobel-Prize-Winner approach for optimal integration with extra-curricular activities.MORE
Leadership qualities such as enthusiasm, perseverance, independence are not developed through attending lectures but rather based on a long-term activity strategy that includes public appearances, character formation tasks, group competitions, leadership visits, reading, volunteering, student councils. The individual traits of a leader are developed based on a child’s leading types of intelligence. MORE
Research projects engage children to think creatively and present themselves effectively. They themselves identify specific problems to be solved, rather reading about them in books. This process is facilitated by experiencing the reality all around, experimenting with it, discussions with guest experts, challenging opinions of others, even the teacher. They do not try to remember anything but rather try to understand. Finally they make public presentations of their own research results. MORE

Main operational aspects:

Board of Education he Board of Education determines the main educational directions, establishes didactic methods and supervises their implementation. Each member of the Board is a high-class specialist in one of the four educational fields of the school and oversees its implementation. The members cooperate directly with the Principal and coordinators of specialist educational plans. They also conduct training and carry out periodic reviews.
Extracurricular clubs and activities cover a variety of areas ranging from sports, arts to science, including self-defense exercises, drawing clubs, robotics and quick reading workshops. Clubs are oriented to personal development of a child with special attention paid to individual talents. The array of available clubs relieves the parent from the constant search for after-school classes and moving the student around between several locations..MORE
Preludium Primary Music School is a primary-level school of music that offers classes on site in the afternoons. Such time of day allows children to complete the full curriculum in music with a smooth transition possible to the secondary level of music education. MORE
Sportsunderlie the educational process in our school. Sports contribute to self-esteem, achievement of goals, competitive mindset and fulfillment of personal potential. We implement an extensive sports curriculum using our own infrastructure, including a sports hall and open-air area for ball sports pitches and courses.
Technology sassists out children in comprehensive learning experience. Every classroom is fitted with an interactive whiteboard and a multimedia projector. Still the most important channel of communication remains the one between the teacher and children themselves. MORE
Parents act as the school’s partners in development of their children. We expect parents to understand the educational methods applied by us and, as a consequence, support the school in our mission through their active participation in the community experiences as well as acting as experts in selected research projects. Parents are regularly informed about the classroom and school events in a dedicated newsletter. MORE
The school is located in the so-called Miasteczko Wilanow, a residential district in Warsaw, at Hlonda Street. The facility is a comprehensive building designed, built and dedicated to educational purposes. There are two sports pitches/courses and other open-air areas. The perimeter is fully fenced and secured.
A sports hall of 300 sqm./3,200 sqft. gives children the opportunity to play their favorite sports and strengthen physical talents. After all, sports underlie the process of shaping a leader.
Homework s done at school only, during dedicated homework hours. Notebooks and books remain at school, so children carry virtually nothing from home to school. No school bags are carried around. We feel fully accountable for the entire education of a child. After school children should spend time with their family and pursue their shared interests. MORE
Shuttle bus an pick up children within 15 km of the school, if the group counts at least 6 children. Pick-up times are at around 8 a.m. and drop-off at 4 to 5 p.m. MORE
Opening hours are from 7.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m..
School uniforms are required from every child. Uniforms are considered the standard everyday outfit that helps children bond together and with the community at school. MORE
Admissions areyurrently open for 2019/20 and years 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 i 6. Please file enrolment applications to We will contact you shortly thereafter to complete the enrolment process. MORE

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